Sher's Clothing is a family owned small business founded in 1994 by Jason Feinberg. Jason’s goal each day is to offer Sher’s customers the most up to date fashions and accessories at the lowest possible price. Many of the same designs found at Sher’s are sold at hi-end department stores and boutiques. We are able to do this by fostering relationships with manufactures and buying their overruns. Example, If a company cuts 1000 pieces for a large hi-end department store they usually cut about 1050, just in case they have any issues in production. Sher's buys that extra 50 at a fraction of the wholesale price, and in turn can offer it to their customers for half the retail price, that you would find in any other store or online. We always strive to give the customer the best possible service and value for every item. Our dedication to customer care and savings is truly what sets us apart. Each time you visit one of our locations, or order here online your satisfaction is our number one priority.